Sunday, January 04, 2015

The NFL Playoffs II

Wow, four for four on Wild Card weekend.

I have to put in my two cents about the pass interference flag against the Cowboys that was picked up in the 4th quarter. It looked to me like the right call and I don't understand why the hell the flag was picked up. It was an absolute disgrace that ruined a good game.

When something like that happens it soils the entire legitimacy of the league. Of course it was the Cowboys getting the benefit and setting up a Cowboys vs. Packers game next week which is going to be a much bigger TV draw than a Panthers vs. Packers game would be.

The whole thing is a disgrace and it stinks to high heaven. I mean seriously. They should be forced to pick up the game with the penalty enforced and a different officiating crew Monday night. Then they should tack on 15 yards for Dez Bryant running out onto the field without a helmet to argue with the ref over the call.

Like I said, the whole thing is a disgrace.

Bah, just part of the game they say. Moving on to the division round.

Ravens at Patriots - Patriots

I like the Patriots at home. Tom Brady is still the man in my humble opinion.

Panthers at Seahawks - Seahawks

There's little of no question in my mind about this one. As much as I hate Pete Carroll I can't see the Seahawks losing to Newton and the Panthers. I would sure like to be wrong about this one though. It would make me feel really good to see Cam send Carroll home.

Cowboys at Packers - Packers

I think Aaron Rodgers and the pack can take Romo and the boys but after seeing them come back against the Lions, I'm not all that sure any more. I might be more than a little influenced by that PI flag that was picked up and believe the Cowboys don't deserve to go any further.

Colts at Broncos - Broncos

I really, really, really want to see one more Manning vs. Brady championship game but I really don't think the Colts can take the Broncos in this one.

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