Monday, August 04, 2014

GOP Committee Report on Benghazi

Are you ready for THE REPORT? Because ready or not, here it comes.

After two years of Republican accusations and recriminations and spending $3.3 million to catch the Administration and the State Department red handed, the Republican led House investigation has found...



NOTHING! Absolutely freaking nothing. No wrong doing by the anyone in the Administration or the State Department before, during or after the incident.

Just like the IRS "Scandal" it was pure delusional horseshit. This is more evidence that the GOP consists of a bunch of lying, ignorant SOBs that no have business leading a playground sing along never mind a country.

Yet we will still hear the right wing nutcases claiming delusional nonsense about Benghazi. What's next? Obama kidnapped the first born of the committee members so they would hide the truth? We'll either get total idiocy or total silence. I'm hoping for total silence.

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