Wednesday, July 09, 2014

The World Cup - Second Semi-final

Brazil's nightmare just got a little bit worse as Argentina moved past the Netherlands via penalty kicks.

After 120 minutes of 0-0, Argentine keeper Sergio Romero blocked the first and the fourth kicks by the Netherlands to lead Argentina to a 4-2 win.

So it will be Germany v. Argentina in the final.

If you're a Brazilian fan, who do you root for in the final? Germany, the team that humiliated your side in the semi-final or Argentina, your biggest rival?

I suspect that rooting for Argentina would be like a Giants fan rooting for the Eagles or a Bears fan cheering on Green Bay. In this situation you swallow the defeat and yell like hell for the team playing those other guys.

If you're Brazilian, I'm betting the rule is still you root for Brazil and whoever is playing Argentina.

Brazil v. Germany
Argentina v. Netherlands

I managed 2-0 in the semi-finals which brings me to 13-1 for the elimination rounds and 25-5 overall.

Of course you know this means I don't have a prayer of getting either the 3rd place game or the final right.

Third Place Game
Brazil v. Netherlands - Netherlands

While I don't think either team is going to have its whole heart in this game, I suspect Brazil will have less of it. On the other hand, they might look on this game as a chance for some redemption. I'm still going to go with the Netherlands.

Germany v. Argentina - Germany

Overall the Germans have impressed me as a more complete team and a team that is running like a well oiled machine. Besides, fate can't be cruel enough to have Argentina win the cup in Brazil.

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