Tuesday, July 01, 2014

The World Cup Day 19

Tom Howard kept the US in the game but you can't let them knock on the door without them eventually getting through. It was Belgium in extra time 2-1.

As for the Swiss, they tried like hell to justify my picking them as the sleeper upset of the round of 16. Of course the same could be said if I had picked Nigeria, which I thought about, or Algeria which, to be honest, I never even considered. Argentina eventually broke through in extra time 1-0.

So, at the end of the round of 16 (my picks bold, winners in italics).

Brazil v. Chile
Netherlands v. Mexico
Columbia v. Uruguay
Coata Rica v. Greece
France v. Nigeria
Argentina v. Switzerland
Germany v. Algeria
Belgium v. USA

That's 7-1 which isn't too bad. Now we go on to the quarter-finals. We have, in the order to be played starting Friday July 4th.

France v. Germany - Germany
Brazil v. Columbia - Brazil
Argentina v. Belgium - Argentina
Netherlands v. Costa Rica - Netherlands

I'm really looking forward to the two games on Friday and I'm back to salivating over a possible Brazil v. Argentina final. Lionel Messi could establish the foundation of his legacy by bringing home to Argentina a World Cup from Brazil.

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