Monday, April 28, 2014

Donald Sterling

So, here we have the owner of the Los Angeles Clippers of the NBA, a sports league where like 80% of the players are black, getting himself recorded yelling at his "girlfriend" not to post pictures of herself with black people and not to bring black people to the games with her.

I put "girlfriend" in quotes because she looks to me to be about 12 years old. And she happens to be half black and half Mexican.

WTF is with this guy?

In the meantime everyone is, rightfully so, incensed over Sterling's remarks about blacks but they're giving him a free pass on being about 75 years old, and married, with a 12 year old girlfriend. Oh, OK, maybe she's over 18 but not by a hell of a lot.

The Clippers, who are mostly black, are deferring to their coach, Doc Rivers, who is also black, to speak publicly about Sterling's remarks. Rivers is being calm, collected and professional about the whole thing.

Apparently there is some doubt about the authenticity of the recording and a lot of doubt about the details of how the recording was made. Doc Rivers is well aware of these things which is why he is treading lightly.

Besides, he and his team would like to do well in the playoffs even if the team owner is a putz.

Assuming the recording is genuine I think Mr. Sterling needs to be made aware that he is not welcome in the NBA. A strong suggestion that he might want to consider selling the team would seem to be in order.

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