Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The South Korean Ferry

I was going to let this one go but things are starting to spin totally out of control.

It was bad enough when the captain and crew were being accused of panicking and failing to issue the proper directions to the passengers. The delay in taking any action at all quite possible resulting in deaths that could have been avoided.

But things appear to be going downhill since then if you can believe that's possible.

Now we're hearing allegations that (1) the captain made an "excessive change of coarse without slowing down," (2) the ferry may have left port carrying three times its recommended cargo and (3) the ship's operators may have bribed government inspectors in order to get a clean bill of health for the ferry.

Really screwed up huh?

OK, accusations are not the same thing as a conviction but this is ridiculous. If the cargo and bribery claims are true, then it sounds to me like there are people who might be a lot guiltier than some crewman who panicked.

However you want to bet who's going to get the book thrown at them and who's going to get a slap on the wrist?

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