Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Still Arguing About Evolution

I find it incredible that in the 21st Century there are still people in a supposedly educated country that are fighting the teaching of modern science. It wouldn't be too bad if it were a small minority but the number is actually staggeringly high. In the developed world, only in Turkey do a smaller percentage of people accept the Theory of Evolution.

In Kentucky the forces of light are trying desperately to update the state's science standards. Of course this brings out the lunatics in force.

The Courier-Journal reports on the howling at the moon by the unwashed about both Evolution and Climate Change.

"One parent, Valerie O’Rear, said the standards promote an 'atheistic world view' and a political agenda that pushes government control."

No, scientific conclusions, if they're honest and I think it's safe to say these are, are neutral with respect to God and politics. If reality demonstrates that your religion is a crock, you'll have to live with it.

"Matt Singleton, a Baptist minister in Louisville who runs an Internet talk-radio program, called teachings on evolution a lie that has led to drug abuse, suicide and other social afflictions."

It's only a lie if the people saying it know it's untrue. Even if it has led to those things, and of course it hasn't, it says nothing about it being right or wrong.

“'Outsiders are telling public school families that we must follow the rich man’s elitist religion of evolution, that we no longer have what the Kentucky Constitution says is the right to worship almighty God,'” Singleton said. 'Instead, this fascist method teaches that our children are the property of the state.'"

Outsiders? You mean like people that actually understand science?

The "rich man's elitist religion of evolution?" Well, first, evolution is not a religion and neither is gravity, cosmology, geology, relativity or quantum mechanics. As for "rich man's elitist," I suppose that gives you an idea about what this putz thinks about education.

"At one point, opponent Dena Stewart-Gore of Louisville also suggested that the standards will marginalize students with religious beliefs, leading to ridicule and physiological harm in the classroom, and create difficulties for students with learning disabilities."

"Create difficulties for students with learning disabilities?" WTF? Lady, just because you're too stupid to understand science doesn't mean they'll have any trouble.

“'The way socialism works is it takes anybody that doesn’t fit the mold and discards them,' she (Dena Stewart-Gore) said, adding that 'we are even talking genocide and murder here, folks.'”

Clearly this lady knows as little about economic systems as she does about science. Genocide and murder? You see any of that happening in the civilized northern and western states that have real science curriculums?

It's embarrassing that there are morons like this living in this country. Seriously, people should have to pass an intelligence and basic knowledge test before they're allowed to vote. There's no sense in even trying to teach these people anything. Better to simply hope that some day they qualify for a Darwin Award.

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