Tuesday, August 13, 2013

How Gay Marriage hurts Heterosexual Marriage

For years I've been challenging people to identify ways in which gay marriage hurts heterosexual marriage. Finally, former chaplain Gordon Klingenschmitt, as reported by Right Wing Watch, in an e-mail to members of his "Pray in Jesus Name Project," has supplied an answer. 

Here are Klingenschmitt's 7 ways what he calls the homosexualization of "marriage" has de-valued the traditional marriages of all Christian families, with commentary:

1. It has made our traditional marriage less valuable in the eyes of the state.

How so? The benefits for what you call traditional marriage don't change. This strikes me as a simple piece of paranoia.

2. It has forced Christian couples to pay more taxes to make up for the homosexual "bonus pay" now issued by as tax-benefits given to gay "married" couples.

Single folks could say the same thing about traditional marriage. Aside from the fact that the amounts involved are trivial, there is no tax increase that goes along with gay marriage so this isn't even correct for the minuscule amounts.

3. It has de-valued by inflation our dollars in our family's bank accounts by increasing the national debt to pay for more government benefits for gay "married" couples, for which the Fed must print new dollars to pay such debt.

Again, single folks could make the same claim and the amount is so minuscule that I doubt it can be measured.

4. It has taken away the rights of Christian couples and Catholic charities to foster or adopt children in states like Massachusetts.

Oh no it hasn't. Catholic Charities had always allowed gay couples to adopt but was forced by the Catholic hierarchy to end the practice. The Catholic Church then VOLUNTARILY ceased adoption services over the objections of the Catholic Charities board of directors.

As for "Christian couples," the rule is adopting couples must agree to accept whatever develops in the child they are adopting. If the child is gay, then they must accept that he or she is gay. If the child is transgender, then they must accept that. This is an obvious common sense rule in the best interests of the children being adopted.

5. It has hurt our national security and therefore our family's safety by de-funding benefits given to straight couples or weapon systems and re-distributing those Pentagon dollars to gay "married" couples.

First of all this contradicts #3. Both can't be right and this one is total nonsense. No loss of funding for benefits to straight couples or weapons systems are tied to gay marriage benefits.

6. It has hurt our ability to worship Almighty God in a Christian chapel building whose altar has been desecrated by homosexual "weddings" depriving us of a sacred worship space.

That's only your opinion. Others would say that it's been sanctified and your type are the ones doing the desecration and others probably don't care one way or the other. As for me, I think all religion is horseshit anyway so it doesn't matter.

7. It has threatened our family's religious freedom in countless ways...

There is a link to a video here where Klingenschmitt talks about what he calls the five step homosexual agenda, (1) hate crimes (accomplished), (2) repeal of don't ask don't tell (accomplished), (3) repeal of DOMA (accomplished), (4) passage of Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) and (5) what he calls the gay classrooms act but which is actually the Student Non-Discrimination Act.

This is the typical Christian whine that not allowing them to discriminate against gays (or Wiccans or Atheists or Muslims) somehow violates their freedom of religion. This is of course a crock of total garbage.

People like Klingenschmitt are delusional. They're incapable of differentiating between their flights of paranoid imagination and practical reality. The problem is too many of the people listening to this crap have the same problem.

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