Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Jesus Portrait

A Middle school in Jackson Ohio has had a huge devotional picture of Jesus near the entrance of the school for over 60 years.

Recently someone complained and the ACLU and FFRF threatened a law suit if the picture wasn’t removed. Liberty Counsel convinced the school board to choose to go to court saying the picture belonged to a student club and was therefore student free speech.

It was the wrong choice. Clearly Liberty Counsel is grinding its own axe and giving the school board bad advice. Can you spell “conflict of interest?”

The school originally admitted that it had been presented the portrait as a gift from the student group and then it back peddled and said no, it belongs to the student group. Right there you know, that they know, it's unconstitutional and they're trying to hide behind student free speech.

But even student free speech doesn’t allow you to hang a huge portrait of Jesus in the school hallway!

Student free speech is not unconditional. A public school cannot display religious icons, period, end of discussion. The SCOTUS has repeatedly made that point. If the students want to wear t-shirts with a picture of Jesus, that's cool as long as other students can wear pictures of Thor, Odin, Vishnu, Zeus or any of the thousands of other gods men have worshipped through the centuries. That’s student free speech.

The board is going to get sued, they're going to spend a lot of money, and they're going to lose.

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