Friday, February 22, 2013

Pakistan’s Blasphemy Laws

In Pakistan “blasphemy” is a crime. So is “wounding the religious feelings of any person” whatever the hell that means.

In November of 2012 a female teacher at a girls school in Lahore apparently made a mistake while copying Islamic text from an exercise book and then distributed the text to her students. The error allegedly resulted in an insult to the prophet Muhammad.

The word spread and a mob of some 200 loonies attacked the school, burned furniture and graffitied on the wall of the school, “School management are blasphemers.”

Now this is bad but you could use the excuse that this is an extremist element, sort of like the Westboro Baptist church, and shouldn’t be used to judge Islam or Muslims.

However here are the problems with that idea:

(1) The police ARRESTED the principal of the school and he was in jail for 14 days

(2) The school FIRED the teacher

(3) The school took out a full page ad saying “Our school management and the owners have no link whatsoever with this dirty act” and “We appeal to the government and the police to take legal action against this teacher and investigate her real motive.”

Legal action? Dirty act? Talk about throwing someone under the bus. She made a boo-boo. You can’t blaspheme without INTENT. These people are savages. No, I take that back. They don’t deserve to be called people. I’d call them animals but I don’t want to insult animals. All in favor of turning the whole place into petrified glass raise your hands? You can’t carry on a rational conversation with pond scum like this.

Now excuse me while I go and buy another nice gift for my copy of the 1st Amendment.

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