Wednesday, September 30, 2009

This is NOT Good

I got an e-mail from the Giants that they need to talk to me about my PSL Ticket preferences.

I’ve been trying to contact the guy that sent the e-mail with no success so I’m starting to climb up the walls. Bend over because you are about to get screwed.

This can’t be good news. I figure it’s one of two things. Possibility number one is I managed to make the perfect preference selection that guaranteed me no tickets. If that’s the case, I’ll have some extra discretionary income to spend next year.

Possibility number two is I’m not going to get my first preference, the cheap seats, and can either go for more expensive ones or revert back to possibility number one.

This sort of sucks, I’m torn between saving the money and having the tickets. There are plusses and minuses to both options. Ah well, if I ever get a hold of this guy we shall see what we shall see.

Update at 11:12 AM

It was possibility number two but with a bit of a twist.

They explained why they couldn’t accommodate my first two choices and then offered me either of my 3rd or 4th choice, plus the option to go under the limited overhang to stay out of the rain, plus the option pay out the PSLs over the next couple of years.

Overall, I’m going to pay more for both the PSLs and the tickets than I had hoped, but less than if I’d stayed where I am. The seats I’ll probably get (nothing is final yet) look pretty good and I’ll get to participate in a twice in a lifetime event. I was there at the opening of Giants Stadium as well.

Actually the seats look better than the more expensive ones, but we shall see. I can still back out in November.

Now assuming my wife doesn’t kill me…

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