Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Corzine vs. Christie

Since I live in New Jersey I’m sort of faced with having to choose between Jon Corzine and Chris Christie for governor.

Corzine has been an absolutely lousy governor. The only thing I can think of that he did right was sign the death penalty abolition bill.

But that doesn’t mean I’m going to vote for Chris Christie. I wouldn’t vote for a Republican if you held a gun to my head.

The problem is that you don’t just vote for one man versus the other. You also drag along the whole party philosophy. I don’t trust the Republicans with my civil liberties; I don’t trust the Republicans not to sell out to big business; I don’t trust the Republicans not to move towards a Christian Theocracy.

These things mean more to me than a possible marginal difference in governing competency. I’m voting for Jon Corzine.

Unfortunately it don’t look good for Jon. Intrade is predicting a Republican win with about a 68% probability and Intrade is usually right.

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