Monday, September 21, 2009

The Cowboy’s New Stadium

Wow! Ok, look, I’m not easily impressed, but wow! If it looked that good on TV, what must it be like in person? The Giant’s new stadium looks nice, but Jerry Jones appears to have outdone himself.

Well, you know what they say about everything being bigger in Texas. They had 105,000 people there including some 20,000 that paid $30 a head for access to a standing room only area. Having large areas where people can just wander around while watching the game on massive TV screens appears to be one of the new things.

The really good news however is the Giants spoiled the party by intercepting three Tony Romo passes for a 33-31 win.

Speaking of the new Giants and Jets stadium, I should be finding out where my new tickets are in the not too distant future. Since I refused to pay $5,000 a pop for lower tier “premium seats,” I’ll be in the nose bleed section. The only questions are, how high up and how lousy a viewing angle?

I’ve had Giants tickets at Giants Stadium for 35 years and didn’t know until the Personal Seat License (PSL) nonsense that I had “premium seats.” What I’ll miss the most is being under the overhang and out of the weather. We’re going to roast in the summer and freeze in the winter up in the cheap seats. Oh well, it’s better than not being able to go at all. This of course is assuming that I don’t somehow end up getting screwed out of tickets altogether.

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