Friday, May 22, 2009

Hello Ida Baby!

Or should I say GRANDMA!

Ah yes, Darwinius Masillae, nicknamed Ida, is a 47 million year old fossil unveiled in New York after being under study in relative secret for over two years at Oslo University. Ida may be from a species on the branch of the tree that connects primates to the rest of the animal kingdom.

The media is going ga-ga over the specimen and Evangelical Christians are calling it everything from meaningless to bogus.

As far as I can tell Ida looks like another rock on the mountain of evidence supporting evolution. It’s unlikely she’s anyone’s direct Great lots of times Grandma though because she appears to have been about only nine months old when she died.

I’m never amazed by the Faithfull’s ability to arbitrarily dismiss anything that doesn’t fit their narrow view of reality. You think we could fool them into thinking the Rapture is occurring and dump them all somewhere in Kansas?

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