Tuesday, May 26, 2009

California Supreme Court Upholds Proposition 8

The California Supreme Court today decided that it’s ok for voters to amend the Constitution in order to outlaw same sex marriage.

The decision is a disappointment, but not really surprising. On the plus side, the court ruled that the 18,000 marriages performed while it was legal stand.

This decision implies that there is something fundamentally different about the minority called gays. For some reason you’re allowed to discriminate against gays and gays don’t have the same rights as other minorities.

I’d like to ask the California Supreme Court exactly what that fundamental difference is?

I’d also like to ask the African American and Catholic voters who for voted for Proposition 8 why, since it’s ok to discriminate against gays, it’s not ok to discriminate against Catholics and Blacks?

I’d especially like to hear it from Blacks. Why was it ok for non-blacks to fight to help them secure their rights in the 1960s but now they believe it’s ok to vote away someone else’s rights? I remember the fire hoses, the dogs and the blood. Apparently too many Black Californians don’t.

Ok, enough with the whining. There's only one more thing I'd like to say. This isn't the end of the fight. It's a setback yes, but only a temporary one. It's a longer journey but now we'll just have to get Proposition 8 repealed by doing a better job of explaining to the voters why it's so terribly wrong to let it stand.

Victory is certain. The only questions are how long will it take and what will be the cost. “So comrades, come rally, and the last fight let us face.”

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