Thursday, March 16, 2017

Meals on Wheels

Meals on Wheels is a program that bring food to the elderly that a difficult time shopping for themselves are on a limited budget.

The food isn't fancy but it's generally nutritious. It's delivered by volunteers so the cost is mostly for the  food.

But not to worry, according the Trump White House the program is "not showing any results" so they want to cut it in order to free up funds for a $54 billion increase to defense spending.

Like the man said, Republicans only care for themselves.

What the hell kind of results are you expecting from delivering small parcels of food to older folk who otherwise might not be eating regularly?

Is this part of the Republican plan to help out Social Security? Kill off the elderly so they stop collecting?

And to make matters worse, the extra money they want to spend on defense appears to be earmarked for the wrong sort of stuff. They want to fight the cold war rather than a 21st cetury war where insurgency and cyber warfare are the real dangers.

Give me a goddamn break.

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