Friday, November 06, 2015

Supreme Court to Rule on Contraception Mandate

Is it too much to ask a religious non-profit to submit a form in order to be exempt from providing contraception as part of its health care offering?

At least 10 religious non-profits claim that it is and that even submitting a form makes them complicit in contraception.

Up until recently the appeals courts have sided with the idea that submitting a form isn't too much to ask but now the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals has come down on the other side saying that forcing participation in the process under threat of a financial penalty violates the 1st Amendment.

This is a ridiculous argument. In any event these organizations are exempt from providing contraception. The only issue is whether they need to tell the government that. I don't see why the filing of the form can't be the responsibility of the employee seeking contraception. I would think that would resolve the issue.

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