Wednesday, October 14, 2015

The Middle East

What an absolute mess. This is the Balkans of the 21st Century.

Now apparently Iran is sending fighters to Syria to join the Russian ones already there. I think we should quietly sneak out while the sneaking is good and duck.

We've got constant war in both Iraq and Syria and that's not to mention the sniping going on between Israel and the Palestinians.

The problem with toppling a dictator, such as we did with Saddam Hussein in Iraq and people are trying to do with Assad in Syria, is if you succeed, somebody or something is going to fill the power vacuum.

Throw in a medieval mentality and a religion with a streak of militant jihad and this is just asking for trouble.

At least it's the countries in the immediate vicinity of ISIS that are taking on the fight. With the shorter supply lines and more at stake one would think they would by more effective.

Send weapons but bring any remaining troops, including aircraft, home already and feed some of the money we save into the economy through middle class tax cuts.

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