Thursday, March 19, 2015

Civil Disobedience

A number of Religious Right types, including Rick Scarborough and James Dobson, are apparently pushing the idea of "civil disobedience" should the Supreme Court legalize gay marriage.

Exactly what form this "civil disobedience" would take is unclear but Scarborough is predicting that once gay marriage becomes the law of the land there will be mass arrests of Christians. Funny how that hasn't happened in any of the states where gay marriage is already legal.

Scarborough also claims that members of congress are lining up to sign a document pledging to commit this undefined "civil disobedience" in protest of a potential Supreme Court decision in favor of gay marriage.

I would assume if there are in fact any congressmen stupid enough to sign such a document that they would be from the Party of Stupid sometimes known as the GOP.

First of all I don't think it's a really good idea to essentially threaten the Supreme Court. Most judges tend to take a dim view of such shenanigans. Second, Scarborough is again severely overestimating the "who gives a shit" quotient on gay marriage.

Most people in the country, 55% at last count, favor gay marriage and I'm pretty sure a healthy share of the 44% that are opposed aren't about to go to jail over it.

I'm not sure if Scarborough and others of his ilk actually believe the nonsense they're spewing or are just whipping up their under 80 IQ trailer park fans in order to keep the donations flowing.

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