Sunday, July 14, 2013

George Zimmermann Found Not Guilty

Back in April of 2012 when this all started I said they couldn't convict him of 2nd Degree Murder and that getting him on the lesser charge of Manslaughter, while perhaps more appropriate, was just going to complicate things.

Well, apparently the prosecution couldn't meet its burden of proof on either and Zimmermann was found not guilty.

It was a tough situation. On one hand you hand Zimmermann testifying to what occurred and expert witnesses swearing the evidence was "consistent with" that version of events.

On the other side all the prosecution could due was present speculation and you're never going to convict someone that way.

We'll never know exactly what happened but once it got to the point of Zimmermann, a 29 year-old adult with defense training, getting his ass kicked by a 17 year-old kid armed with a box of skittles then apparently, according to Florida law, he was allow to act in self-defense which, in the South, apparently means pulling out a 9 mm and shooting the kid in the heart.

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