Saturday, June 20, 2009

Of God and Men

What would be your opinion of a man that had the power to save the life of a child but chose not to do so?

Did you read the story of the little girl in California named Colby as reported by the AP? Ten year old Colby wanted very much to see Pixar’s latest movie “Up.” Her parents would have been happy to take her but Colby was far too ill to leave home. You see she was diagnosed with vascular cancer when she was six years old.

A family friend contacted Pixar and the company sent an employee to Colby’s home with the movie on a DVD for a private showing. He also brought with him stuffed dolls of the main characters and other movie memorabilia. Colby was so weak she couldn’t even open her eyes to watch. Her mother had to describe each scene to her. Yet she enjoyed the movie immensely while the Pixar messenger and other family members and friends could only watch helplessly with tears in their eyes.

If any of the onlookers had the power to save Colby do you imagine that anything in the universe could have prevented them from doing so? They were helpless but what about this so-called God?

He’s supposed to be all powerful. Christians tell me that he helps them find their car keys when they lose them. He’s supposed to have created man from dust and woman from the rib of man. He’s supposed to have created everything. So WTF was this God thinking when he created a cancer that can destroy innocent little girls who just want to be able to watch the movie “Up?”

Please tell me what greater purpose could possibly be served by this child becoming deathly ill? A man, any man, would have cured this child if he could. A God who supposedly has the power to cure this child chose not to.

So who is morally superior, the God or the man?

At least Colby got to enjoy the movie she so badly wanted to see. She died later that same night.

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