Thursday, March 05, 2009

Obama Gets High Marks (so far)

In a NBC/Wall Street Journal poll 68% of the American people expressed a favorable opinion of President Barack Obama, 67% say they feel more hopeful with his leadership, 60% approve of his job in office and 54% approve of his policy decisions.

The sliding scale, from 68% personal approval to 54% policy approval, indicates that the Prez still has some convincing to do.

The biggest eye opener in the poll however was the growth from 26% to 41% in the number of people that felt the country was headed in the right direction. Better, but still not where that number should be.

A whopping 84% understand that Obama inherited the current economic crisis. One has to wonder what planet the other 16% live on.

As for the GOP, ouch, the party has an all time low favorable rating of only 26%. The Democrats managed only 49% themselves despite all the good numbers for Obama.

So what do I think? I think we’re in big trouble and it’s going to take some doing to turn things around, two, maybe three years or maybe even longer. The big question is how much patience will the traditionally impatient American public have?

In the meantime General Motors appears headed for bankruptcy. When I was a youngster in high school if you had told me that I would live to see General Motors, the bluest of the blue chips stock, a junk bond on the verge of becoming worthless, I would have said you were out of your mind.

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