Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Obama on ISIS

The president gave his strategy speech tonight. He outlined four points.

1. Additional airstrikes into Iraq and, if necessary, Syria
2. Increased support to Iraqi forces including advisory personnel on the ground but no combat units
3. Counter terrorism actions to cut off ISIS manpower and funding
4. Continued humanitarian support

Obama talked about leading a "broad coalition" but gave no specifics about the composition of that coalition. I've heard the French are ready to participate in bombing runs. I don't know how true that is but I've heard nothing about Arab participation or other European Union support.

I'd feel a lot better about this if Egypt and Saudi Arabia were sending support as well as the US. Rumor has it that Iranian advisers are already on the ground with Iraqi Shiite militias.

This is a quagmire. I don't envy the guys who have to go there and get caught between Sunni extremists that have probably infiltrated Iraqi forces and Iranian led Shiite militias.

Like I've said before, the basis for a three way civil war was established when the British established the Kingdom of Iraq without regard to national or ethnic considerations.

There was no mention in the speech of who was going to pay for all of this. You'll excuse me while I tighten my grip on my wallet (as if that's going to do any good).

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