Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Christian Right and PepsiCo

The Christian Right, in the person of the American Family Association (AFA), is upset with PepsiCo.

Apparently the AFA believes that PepsiCo is “promoting the gay lifestyle” through its support of gay organizations, sensitivity training for its employees and the sponsorship of gay events.

The AFA sent an indignant letter to the soft drink giant asking them to “remain neutral in this culture war.”

PepsiCo told them politely, but firmly, to stick it in their ear. The AFA called PepsiCo’s response “condescending.” I thought it explained things pretty well that PepsiCo was supporting initiatives associated with workplace equality and tolerance.

The AFA didn’t like that response and have been calling for a boycott of PepsiCo products. Excuse me for a moment while I go buy a six pack or two of Pepsi.

Are these simply different interpretations of the same action? Nah, the AFA folks are simply bigots that can’t accept that their silly bible is wrong. PepsiCo is doing what it feels is right and necessary for workplace peace and harmony in a country that prides itself on the concept of freedom and equality for all.

Of course to people like the AFA that’s freedom and equality for all assuming you agree with them, and live like them, and look like them and act like them. Forty years ago these same people would have been supporting segregation with bible quotes like Genesis 9:26-27.

Black Americans really need to understand this and reconsider their tendency to support these bigoted assholes on gay issues. The same right wing rednecks that are howling so loudly about gays would also love to resurrect Jim Crow and resume the time honored right wing tradition of midnight lynching.

Like Phil Ochs said to the unions during the early civil rights movement, “it's only fair to ask you boys, which side are you on?”

Personally I drink Coke Zero and Dr, Pepper. I find Pepsi too sweet for a cola but I might try and develop a taste for it just to piss off the AFA a little more.

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