Monday, April 20, 2009

The U.N. Conference on Racism

This week in Geneva the United Nations is sponsoring a world wide conference on racism. Clearly this is a worthy topic. Unfortunately Muslim countries appear to be trying to hijack the conference and turn it into a referendum against Israel and a forum for attempting to establish a global ban on criticizing Islam.

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is scheduled to address the conference today and Israel is pissed off at the Swiss because President Hans-Rudolf Merz met with Ahmadinejad. That sort of reminds me of the right wing yahoos criticizing Obama for shaking hands with Cesar Chavez. Since when has talking become a bad thing?

A number of Western countries, including the U.S., Canada, Germany, Italy and Australia have chosen to boycott the conference. Others, including France, have said they are prepared to walk-out if Ahmadinejad starts in with denying the Holocaust or equating Zionism with racism as was attempted as the last conference in 2001.

How about everyone just CHILL OUT for a moment. It’s getting so that you can’t sneeze or scratch your nose without fifteen people jumping up and calling you names over it. Yes Ahmadinejad is a jerk. Yes Muslims tend to be backward, intolerant and seem to think it’s still the thirteenth century. I might point out that American Fundamentalist Christians are just as bad if not worse.

If they weren’t trying to force their crummy ideas and halitosis on me and mine, I wouldn’t care less. The problem is they want to tell me what I should believe, say and do. You will excuse me if I’d like to figure that out for myself.

I vote we get all those folks who want to tell other people what they can and cannot believe, what they can and cannot do, or what they can and cannot say, together somewhere and let them fight it out. We could sell tickets over the internet and broadcast it on pay-TV. Like I’ve suggested before, let’s use Kansas. There is nothing of any value in Kansas. People there can’t even figure out the difference between superstitious nonsense and science. There is nothing of any redeeming value in Kansas.

This could solve the world’s economic crisis in one fell swoop. Or at least make some of us filthy rich.

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